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July 02nd 2014

Tim Jones "Let Me Get Around" available now !

Finally available, and right now in digital through Bandcamp, Tim Jones' first EP arrives just in time with a summer that proves to be particularly cute for the car stereo ! A 4 tracks EP in a 100% G-Funk mood that moves between fat bass and mellow keyz, surrounded by the amazing skill of Tim Jones and some of his feat. such as Domino, Big Prodeje, Stalin, Rida [...]

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June 29th 2014

Tim Jones presents his first EP

After announcements, trailers and snippets, a full track on youtube, crying, screaming and rioting, here is finally the first release stamped "Tim Jones & Wadz" ! Because we couldn't decently let you wander this summer without some heaviness in the radio, will come out on July 2nd (this wednesday) the first EP of mister Tim Jones, digitally on Bandcamp. Four [...]

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April 03rd 2014

Enois Scroggins' albums in the store

In partnership with Enois Scroggins (and Funkysize, label on which he released these albums, big up to them for their work for years), we propose you exceptionally "Old School Brother"'s last three albums on special offer in our store... For Boogie-Funk and melodious westcoast amateurs who missed the thing, here's an overview of what we're talking about : Enois [...]

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February 22nd 2014

The new Nate Dogg on Smooth Swing Records

Our definition of G-FunkA fat announcement for every "G-Funker" and mellow(wo)mans who follow us and enjoy our work : Smooth Swing Records triggers the second gear, structure itself and prepares some dope projects along with some talented artists. Of these, the one that we expect to be a big revelation for the G-Funk microcosm, a crooner in the vibes of Nate [...]

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February 07th 2014

Sursilva'z EPs set released in CD in the store

Sursilva'z EPs set released in CD in the storeReleased digitally in the end of 2013, the three EPs in collaboration with the Sursilvaz and Tim Jones ("In The House 2nite", "Thatz Gangsta Funk" and "Playaz Club") are coming today in CD, and they're available in our store ! The projectsAs a reminder, these projects are a series of 3 EPs produced by Wadz, where [...]

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December 15th 2013

"Playaz Club" available !

Third and last EP of the "Sursilvaz & Tim Jones remixed by Wadz" series, "Playaz Club", releases today on Bandcamp ! Playaz Club (The EP) by Sursilvaz & Tim Jones Last chapter of the trilogy, it goes in the same style as its predecessors, namely a mellow G-Funk tinged with R&B... what we simply like to name "R&G". Still with Wadz on the prod et pushed [...]

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Who Are We ?

Who are you ?

"Smooth Swing Records" is a R&G (G-Funk and R&B) and Funk music label created in 2010 by Wadz.
Specialized in "Black Music", but far from the trend of the 2000s in the matter, we develop a sound inspired by our predecessors of the 80s and 90s, this without nostalgia but in order to propose a new alternative to all music lovers tired by today's Hip-Hop game.
A new tendency then, symbolized by the word "R&G" that, in addition to clearly illustrate our musical color, subtly distinguishes us from the "R&B" taken up and deflected from its origin by the musical industry.

What is "R&G" exactly ?

R&G designate the mix of true R&B and G-Funk, with a fistful of Soul, whose influences are Hip-Hop from the late 90's, but also New Jack, Boogie Funk from the 80's and Soul from the 70's.

Allergic to years 2000 ?

Not exactly... As music lovers, we are indifferent to what Hip-Hop and R&B offers today, and disappointed of what the "Black Music" has become. So as artists, we're just trying to take the thing where it stopped, and bring it in the continuity of what it should have stayed, in our view.

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